the company


In 1986 the province of Florence, the municipality of Florence and Prato, the Florence Chamber of Commerce, the professional associations of industry and craft, the Tuscany A.P.I. and the C.N.A. of Florence formed an association named to enhance the technological research by companies especially by small and medium sized enterprises. The project called CE.TA.CE, the Italian version for Centre of Calibration and Certification is born in 1990 by collaboration between the CESVIT association (Centre for Development and Technological Research) and the University of Florence and for it with the Electrical Engineering Department (DIE) in order to create a Service Centre for problems relating with testing and quality certification of products, electric and electronical components. Our Centre utilizes the scientific approach of the University of Florence – the Engineering Department – and especially the Department of Electronic.


Our Mission is to respond to our customers’ needs in the quickest, most innovative and efficient way possible, thus ensuring that in turn their customers can purchase is the best possible product. Our business obligates us to think responsibly in terms of company efficiency, and not only from a viewpoint of absolute quality. Every day, we are committed to ensuring that the added value our customers intend to deliver with their products is concrete, objective and perceptible to the end user.


To become a point of reference for our customers in terms of quality, services and efficiency. For us, this means providing a fast and assured response, detailed and reliable support, attention to the unique aspects of each business and different materials and products, a focus on results, the ability to innovate so as to develop specific solutions and operating procedures for each customer and guide them through the extremely complex world of certification.


From more than 30 years, Analytical has been synonymous with quality and support, at the highest level in testing and certification worldwide. To achieve this and all of our objectives, we have always believed in the importance of people and human relationships. These are the two yardsticks that form the basis of what we do and drive us to improve, day in day out, both within the company and in our dealings with partners and customers.